We have a pretty simple mission – bring impactful change to our hometowns and the region we love. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi (aren’t we all?), we aim our initiatives towards the younger generations, working to develop a community that can provide them a future.

We offer three primary services to the region.  First up, we specialize in free or low-cost event planning for businesses or organizations.  We believe, in order to create community pride, opportunities have to be provided for people to gather and enjoy spending time with their neighbors.  If you are a business owner and want to talk to us about these services, please contact us!  If you are a proud 731 citizen and want to see a certain type of event in your area, please contact us!

Second, we work towards economic development in the 731.  We know this is a big one – more job opportunities keep the young workforce local and secure the economic prosperity of the region for years to come.  We aim to work with current and future businesses to increase their footprint in the region.  From co-working spaces to business consulting to event planning, we can help business understand the dynamics of the region and ensure their future success.

Last (and definitely not least), we sell apparel all about the 731.  Who doesn’t love showing their community pride all around the world??  We launch collections during each season of the year, helping you rep your home no matter what the weather!  Even better, all the profits from our apparel go to fund our mission. Check out our SHOP page for our current collection of gear.


Whitney Stover


Grant Harper

Graphic Designer

Shae Tyler

Social Media Intern

Zach Ward

Business Development Intern


We always want to work with people who have the same passion and vision for the region as us. You can help in a few ways. Check out our calendar for upcoming events in area and go to one!! Showing organizations and businesses that you support them is the cornerstone of it all. Follow our blog and interact with us on social media. Tag us or use #Project731 when you are doing things you love in region. You can also contact us through the “Contact Us” page and let us know how you want to help!